Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Farm!

Week of 09/15-09/21
Week 7

Another good week!!

  • He learned about Hannah in CBS this week and was excited to remind me that "We prayed for a baby, too".  Yes, we did little buddy!
  • Memory Verse:  "Do not be afraid...your prayer has been heard. " Luke 1:13
Sonlight Core P4/5 Highlights
For Social Studies this week we read about The Farmer in Things People Do.    And we learned about Mammals, birds, and amphibians for Science in The Berenstain Bears' Big Book of Science.   We took a field trip to the farm!    He loved climbing on the tractors, watching the bunnies, and of course the carousel ride.  He was disappointed that we didn't see any amphibians, though!  

We read some supplemental books about farmers and mammals.  We didn't read Why am I a Mammal? but, he loved looking at the pictures in that one.

 Other Sonlight Reading

 Language Arts
We worked on Week 6 (Letter "A") of Sonlight Language Arts K 

  • Practiced writing the letter "A" on a laminated sheet from here
  • Introduced the short Aa sound and worked on starting to blend the sounds.  I used paint samples for us to practice "at, fat, rat, bat, and mat".  He would move the "at" down to form the different words.  We went over it on Monday and I wasn't sure if he grasped it or not.  When he sat down at the table on Tuesday, he picked it up and rattled them off without me saying a word....   I was shocked!  Is he really learning how to blend words?  Yay!   
  • I printed out this Read/build/write sheet from here and laminated it.  I wrote the word in the "Read" box, then Greyson would build the word with foam letters, and then write them.  He did really well with this. 
  • We played a game with the letters we've learned so far in different ways.    Printables are from here
    • I would say a sound, he would hop to the letter, then say a word that started with that sound
    • I would say a letter, he would hop to the letter, then say the sound
    • He made up a game where I would cover my eyes, he would take away a letter and give me a hint as to which letter was missing and I would guess.     
    • etc.  He loves games so, we just made things up as we went along. 

·We are working our way through Singapore Earlybird Kindergarten math lessons.  So far they have been pretty easy but, we are enjoying how colorful they are and there isn't a lot of handwriting involved (yet). 
Co-op started this week - he goes once a week for 3 hours.  They are doing a letter of the week curriculum there with fun crafts, snacks, and more.  This week was the Letter A.  I don't get to see what all he does because I'm helping in another class but, He was super excited to show me his Alligator puppet that he made and so happy that he liked the snack (he was worried, but it was Animal Crackers).  

Showing off his new backpack :) 


  • Pictures in the middle and on the left -  Yep, Another birthday party :)   I met a great group of moms in a moms group at the hospital when Greyson was only a couple weeks old.  I am so blessed that we have remained friends and it is really fun to see the kids grow up together.   They were all born in August - October which makes these months a little hectic with all of the birthday parties but, who doesn't love a party every weekend :)  
  • Pictures on the right - He swam the length of the pool in swim class... Hooray!  I'm so proud of him! 

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  1. I REALLY like that Read Build Write worksheet! Thanks for sharing, looks like a great week!