Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Apples

Week of 09/01-09/07 
Week 5

Is it really September already?  Wow!   I am personally ready for the cooler weather -  I can't believe how HOT it has been here this past week!

We added in a couple of new things to our routine this week and had a pretty good groove.   Our weekly commitments haven't really started yet so, things are going to continue to change over the next few weeks - starting co-op, Community Bible Study (CBS), and of course the new baby :)

At breakfast each morning, we always do our bible story, practice our verse, and this week we added in a mini calendar time.  Each day is different but, items that we discuss are the current month,  the date,  last month, next month, yesterday, tomorrow, review the months of the year and days of the week etc.  You get the idea :)  I just pick something each day for discussion.  We also count down to his birthday to try to eliminate the "Is it my birthday yet?" question every day :) 

  • Memory Verse:  "Nothing can separate us from God's love.  " Romans 8:39
Sonlight Core P4/5 Highlights
After reading The Mouse Deer's Wisdom in the Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book, we talked about smells.  I had 6 different smells for him to try to guess - cinnamon, peanut butter, orange juice, etc.  We read the Smelling Book a few times as well.  

Sonlight Reading for the Week:

We learned about all of the fun things to do in the FALL in our Science book - The Berenstain Bears' Big Book of ScienceApples are early this year so it was a great week for us to go apple picking!  We had a lot of fun and I'm still trying to figure out what to do with all of these yummy apples.   

We read some supplemental books about fall and autumn.   His favorite was Lucky Leaf  because he thought it was silly that the leaf stuck to the little boys head. 
Language Arts
We worked on Week 4 (Letter "T") of SonlightLanguage Arts K and the "T" pages from the supplemental book for Phonics - Get Ready for the Code. 
  • He does not do all of the copywork that the LA-K curriculum includes.  We are practicing them with a printable that I got from here and laminated.  
  • I just love his concentration on his Readiness worksheet :)
  • We played a bean bag game (with a popcorn bag since I didn't have a bean bag) to practice the sounds of the letters that we have learned so far.  He had fun with this and of course loved it when I was the student, and he got to say the sound and watch me throw the bag.  
  • The last picture is him playing teacher when we were working on a Get ready for the code worksheet.  He's reading the manual saying "I'm thinking of an animal that moves slow.  what is it?  Now say the sound "t".  Now color it..  Good job mommy, it IS turtle!".   He loves playing teacher too :)  

·     We read Leaping Lizards which is one of the Level 1 books from MathStart. This was a book about counting by 5s and 10s because to put on “The Fifty Leaping Lizards Show!,” you need fifty star-struck leaping lizards.  He enjoyed the story but, didn't really grasp the concept.  We need to work on counting to 50 before attempting skip counting :)  But, he did have fun counting the cheerios and eating the manipulative before we even got to 20.  

I ordered math curriculum for us to try out and we received it this week!   We are going to work through Singapore Earlybird Kindergarten.  We did a couple of lessons this week and I like that they are short and very colorful.  He seemed to like them as well.   I hope it works out for us.... We shall see!! 
Top 100 Children's Books
We are still enjoying books from this post sprinkled in throughout the week.  

Everyone Poops was his favorite this week.   I couldn't even get through it without laughing hysterically.  A very silly book!!!  Of course Fancy Nancy was not much of a hit and he decided that after we read it that "It can go back to the library now".  ha ha!  
Here are the ones that we read this week.  

  • We had a fun time meeting new friends from church at the park
  • Swim Lessons started back up... yay!
  • Doctors appointments are every week now so we are really trying to get ready for baby sister to arrive
  • Enjoyed a Pirate birthday party with friends
  • and we checked out a new playground


  1. I'm definitely going to look into the Leaping Lizards book for my first grader struggling with skip counting by fives. Thanks for the tip!

    We just started our first week of CBS and co-op starts for us on Monday, so I relate to trying to establish a routine when the regular routine hasn't started yet. We don't have a new baby on the way though-- congrats and best of luck!! :)

    1. Hi Tanya! The Mathstart books are really cute - we've just been getting them from the library when they are available. Good luck with skip counting. :)

      I'm so excited for CBS. This will be our first time doing it.