Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Monster Trucks

Week of 08/18-08/24

We read a LOT this week but, didn't really do anything "extra" to go along with the curriculum.  :(  We've been reading all over the place in our Sonlight P4/5 curriculum and I'm not really sure what "week" we are on (according to the Instructor's Guide.)  I plan to use the coming week playing catch up and getting back on track.

I think we have read the Monster Truck books every day for the last 3 weeks, not kidding!  He can now name all of the trucks, tell you how tall they are, and the parts of the truck!   The county fair had a Monster Truck Show that we decided to take him to.  It wasn't the best idea for me (being super pregnant and all) but, he was so excited.  He was fascinated that HIS truck, the Bounty Hunter, was there.  It was an experience, to say the least :)

  • Memory Verse:  Sunday School Verse this week -   "Remember God's miracles and obey Him"  Psalm 78:7
  • Learned about Summer and Thunder & Lightning this week out of the Berenstain Bears' Big Book of Science and Nature
  • We did a lot of reading out of the ANT books that we checked out from the library.  His favorite was The Life Cycle of an Ant
  • He also enjoyed Thunder Boomer and talking about how loud thunder and lightning is

Language Arts

We finished Week 2 (Letter "B") of Sonlight Language Arts K and the "B" pages from the supplemental book for Phonics - Get Ready for the Code.  

Readiness Skills  

Developing the Early Learner: Level 1*.  He really liked these this week and we managed to get through multiple sheets.  We are moving at his pace :)
We read Jack the Builder  which is one of the Level 1 books from MathStart. 
  • Talked about counting on and basic addition.  
  • We built towers, parking garages for his cars, and race tracks with his blocks and talked about adding one more, two more, etc.  

Read Alouds 
Sonlight Reading for the week -
Another Favorite for the week -

**Greyson took a Sibling class over at the hospital in preparation of the arrival of his new baby sister.  He learned ways to help entertain the baby, how he can help with changing the baby, swaddling the baby, hold the baby, etc.  He got to tour the hospital and see where I'll be as well.  It was cute!!

**This was also the last week of the free summer movies in our area.  We've been able to go to a few this summer and it has been a lot of fun to enjoy these with my little man.

**A fun morning at the playground.  We were pretending to go the moon and this picture was inside the spaceship (aka tunnel).  I found moon rocks ("acorns") in his shorts pocket while sorting through the laundry the next day.   I love his imagination :)

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