Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up: Butterflies

Week of 08/25-08/31

We have completed 4 weeks of this homeschool journey and I think I have changed something, added something, or completely eliminated something each and every week!!  But, I guess that is the beauty of homeschooling, right?   I am continuing to learn right alongside Greyson and I'm absolutely loving it.

Favorite Moment of the week:  We are cuddling and reading and he says to me "Mommy, I just love spending the days with you".  My heart absolutely melted! I give all the glory to the Lord -  He worked a miracle for me to be able to quit my full time job just a year ago.  I was reminded that He has this all under control.  All of those insecurities and tears from the first couple weeks of schooling were washed away.  We are right where we are supposed to be....

And to top it off, the words "I love my worksheets" actually came out of his mouth this week.  Not kidding!   I finally let go of all of the pressure to get "x" number of things accomplished each day.  I've relaxed on the things that he's just not ready for.  He gets to make more choices and TA-DA we are both happy!    

It was a good week! 

  • Memory Verse: Sunday School Verse this week - "You are blessed because you believed in the Lord" Luke 1:45

Sonlight Core P4/5 Highlights - Week 4

We enjoyed "Polly and the Frog" out of The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book*  this week.  Polly had a mean stepmother who made her take a sieve to the well, fill it with water and bring it back.  This was impossible, of course.  I had Greyson try to fill up a strainer and of course that didn't work.  In the story the frog tells Polly to jam the leaves in to the holes.  We went searching for leaves and sticks to fill it to try that.  He got impatient and didn't get enough leaves but he did have fun playing with the hose :)

We read other fun stories out of our core books as well:

Developing the Early Learner: Level 1*.  He really enjoys the auditory ones.  I think we play that game every day even without a worksheet.  He closes his eyes, I make 2 sounds, and he gets to say "same or different".  Then, it's his turn to do it while I close my eyes.


We were ahead in our reading of The Berenstain Bears' Big Book of Science and just used the week to learn about about butterflies.   He loved to find different color ones out on our walks - too bad I never had my camera to get a good picture. 

His favorite was Gotta Go!  Gotta Go!  I did a silly dance and song when the caterpillar would say "I gotta go, I gotta go, I gotta go to Mexico!".  He thought that was hilarious and I would catch him singing it too.  Cute story!

Language Arts

We worked on Week 3 (Letter "M") of Sonlight Language Arts K and the "M" pages from the supplemental book for Phonics - Get Ready for the Code. 

He had fun thinking of all of the "M" words everywhere we went and spotting them on signs, labels, etc. 

We read The Greatest Gymnast of All which is one of the Level 1 books from MathStart.
  • We read about Zoe who is the "Greatest Gymnast of All." She's up, then down, on the mat, then off, over the hoop, then under.  Great discussion on opposites!!
  • I was surprised when we finished reading it he said "I also have the Hockey Opposites book from the library".  He sure did and it was a great supplement!
Top 100 Children's Books
I mentioned in this post that I found this great list of books that is helping me in picking out books when we go to the library.  I set up a book bin for these books and adding them in as we pick them up from the library.  I must admit, it's fun to find new picture books from the library!

Where the Wild Things Are was a new book for us this week.  We haven't read that one before but, both enjoyed it.  The other books were ones that we have read in the past but, pulled them off of the shelf to enjoy this week. 

Here are the ones that we read this week. 

Greyson's week in books

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  1. Looks like a great week. I can't wait to read Uncle Wiggily next year with my son.